‘Terminus: Zombie Survivors’ Exits Early Access, Launches August 20 [Trailer]

Longplay Studios has announced that their turn-based survival title Terminus: Zombie Survivors will finally be making the leap out of Steam Early Access, and officially launch into version 1.0 on August 20. Version 1.0 will include six endings, enhanced NPC interactions, expanded gameplay with new sandbox options, improved pixel art and more.

Since its debut all the way back in 2021, Terminus: Zombie Survivors has undergone significant improvements, with several updates since that Early Access launch. The game now features advanced crafting systems and diverse cooking recipes for strategic resource management. Players can achieve multiple escape endings, each influenced by their strategic decisions throughout the game. Moreover, the game also now supports Steam Deck and macOS, ensuring a broader audience can enjoy the game.

Player progress and saved data from the Early Access version will carry over to version 1.0. The team is also planning further updates to the game once it exits Early Access that will include “new content, features, and support for the Steam Workshop.”

In case you’ve never played the game, Terminus: Zombie Survivors is a turn-based survival roguelike set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. Weeks have passed since the zombie virus took hold of humanity, and most of the population has already been infected. As one of the few remaining survivors, you must finally venture out to join up with the other survivors at the Terminus. Battle your way through hunger, frigid temperatures, and ravenous zombies to make it to the Terminus, escape the city through various means, or even develop a vaccine.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors will be available on Steam at $19.99. At the moment, you can grab the game in its Early Access form with a 20% discount during the Steam Summer Sale.

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