Survival Adventure Game ‘Serum’ Mixes ‘Bioshock’ With ‘The Forest’ [Trailer]

What do you get when you mix elements of BioShock with The Forest? You’re about to find out with Game Island and developer Toplitz Productions’ upcoming survival adventure title, Serum. Scheduled for release for the “end of 2023“, Serum presents an eerie world where you’re in a race against time in a hostile environment. Luckily, you have a mysterious green liquid to help you out.

While the story for Serum is vague at this point, all you need to know is that you’re trapped in a tangled maze of an environment, where you’ve got to find shelter, search for new technology, craft your equipment and try to escape. Along the way, you’ll come across a mysterious serum that will grant you new abilities when you inject it. However, keep in mind that the serum can alter your body in unexpected ways. Not to mention, you’ve got to deal with the various inhabitants of the environment that aren’t so keen on you being there.

In addition to survival mechanics, Serum also has a few puzzle mechanics where you’ll need to use your head in order to activate secret mechanisms in doors, crates or hatches. You’ll also be crafting new weapons, tools, and even new serum variants. And seeing as this is an adventure game, you’ll have plenty of lore to devour and discover. You can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

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