Supernatural Shooter ‘Trepang2’ Is Out Now on Playstation and Xbox [Trailer]

Console fans have had to wait a little longer than PC gamers when it comes to Team17 Digital and Trepang Studios’ supernatural FPS Trepang2, but that’s no longer the case. The F.E.A.R.-inspired shooter is now available for PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series. Marking the launch is a brand-new “violent” trailer for Trepang2, which certainly fits the bill.

Described as a spiritual successor to the fast-paced and over-the-top first-person shooters of the mid-2000s (including Monolith’s previously-mentioned classic), Trepang2 “pairs high-octane, first-person gun-fu gameplay with a devastating heavy metal soundtrack”. Stepping into the boots of a newly enhanced super soldier broken out from a government black site, you’ll embark on a supernatural journey of death, destruction, and corporate conspiracies.

Dive into a bullet-filled world of death and destruction and put your combat skills to the test against thousands of highly trained special forces operatives, cultists, and otherworldly foes, who are out for your blood. Arm yourself with a hefty arsenal of weapons while mastering an array of newfound superhuman abilities including time distortion invisibility and superhuman speed. Along with your array of guns, you’ve also got melee combat to pulverize your enemies with a combination of punches, kicks and slides.


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