‘Suburban Hell’ – Sam Raimi and Paul Feig Joining Forces for Demonic Possession Horror Movie

Author Maureen Kilmer‘s novel Suburban Hell is getting a feature film adaptation from Legendary Entertainment, Feigco Entertainment and Ghost House, Deadline reports.

Paul Feig and Laura Fischer of Feigco Entertainment will produce alongside Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert of Ghost House. Romel Adam and Jose Cañas will oversee for Ghost House.

“The novel tells the story of a tight-knit group of suburban moms whose friendship is put to the ultimate test when one of them becomes possessed by an evil spirit.”

Kilmer’s Suburban Hell was just published last year.

Here’s the full synopsis for the novel…

“Amy Foster considers herself lucky. After she left the city and moved to the suburbs, she found her place quickly with neighbors Liz, Jess, and Melissa, snarking together from the outskirts of the PTA crowd. One night during their monthly wine get-together, the crew concoct a plan for a clubhouse She Shed in Liz’s backyard—a space for just them, no spouses or kids allowed.

“But the night after they christen the She Shed, things start to feel . . . off. They didn’t expect Liz’s little home-improvement project to release a demonic force that turns their quiet enclave into something out of a nightmare. And that’s before the homeowners’ association gets wind of it.

“Even the calmest moms can’t justify the strange burn marks, self-moving dolls, and horrible smells surrounding their possessed friend, Liz. Together, Amy, Jess, and Melissa must fight the evil spirit to save Liz and the neighborhood . . . before the suburbs go completely to hell.”

Joanna Calo (“The Bear”) is writing the adaptation.

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