“Stranger Things”: Retro “Live from the Upside Down” Digital Concert Takes Place Tonight!

On store shelves now, you can find “Stranger Things”-branded bags of Doritos snacks, and the collaboration has been building to the “Live from the Upside Down” event, a digital concert experience that is taking place tonight, Thursday, June 23, 2022!

The concert will start at 7pm EST, and you’ll be able to watch RIGHT HERE!

Four unforgettable acts… One concert from another dimension…

“The story goes that back in 1986, a tour bus crashed near Hawkins, Ind., headed to Doritos Music Fest ’86 – the greatest concert that never happened. The musicians disappeared into another dimension and the show was canceled… until now.

“Doritos opened a portal and is now inviting fans to virtually step inside to watch these ’80s music icons perform during “Live From The Upside Down.” The can’t-miss lineup features ’80s headliners including The Go-Go‘s lighting up the stage to fan favorites like “We Got the Beat” and “Our Lips are Sealed,” Corey Hart singing “Sunglasses at Night” and “Never Surrender,” and Soft Cell performing “Tainted Love.” As the fans are pulled deeper into the Upside Down, they will be shocked to see decade-defying pop star Charli XCX take the stage and perform a surprise collaboration with one of the ’80s bands.”

“It’s one thing to be able to share my music with my fans but having the opportunity to perform alongside some of the most iconic bands and singers is truly something out of this world,” said Charli XCX. “Doritos is doing something really cool by giving Stranger Things fans a new way to celebrate their favorite show with ‘Live From The Upside Down.’ I can’t wait for everyone to join us for this concert!”

In addition to the “Live From The Upside Down” concert, Doritos released a new limited-time flavor – Doritos 3D Crunch Three CheeseTM – chips literally featuring another dimension.

“Stranger Things 4: Volume II” premieres on July 1, 2022!

Stranger Things Doritos

Live from the Upside Down stranger things

Doritos and Stranger Things Present “Live From The Upside Down”, a digital concert experience featuring Soft Cell, Corey Hart, The Go-Go’s, and special guest Charli XCX. (PRNewsfoto/Frito-Lay North America)

Live from the Upside Down Doritos

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