Steamy Exclusive Clip from ‘Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes’

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive new look at Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes, which Dark Sky Films is bringing to Digital on June 24, 2022.

The genre-bending Gothic horror movie comes from director Kevin Kopacka, starring Jeff Wilbusch of Peacock’s “The Missing.”

In Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes, “Margo, who comes from a noble family, inherited a castle that she inspects with her ill-tempered husband Dieter. When they arrive at the run-down keep, their relationship is put to a test as their sanity slowly deteriorates. This opens up a new world.  As time and space begin to shift around them, a reality that only exists within the walls of the eerie building is exposed – a reality full of warmth and excess.

“Things aren’t as they seem in this genre-bending film, that shifts between different story layers in unpredictable ways. It is a love letter to European cinema of the sixties and seventies that will leave viewers guessing what will happen next.”

The cast also includes Anna Platen (Para – Wir sind King), Luisa TarazFrederik Von Lüttichau (Gender Crisis), with Bill BeckerChristopher Ramm, and Elena Gomez Alvarez.

“Kopacka directs a sumptuous visual feast, channeling the likes of Mario Bava and capturing a psychedelic, ‘70s Italian occult aesthetic,” Meagan Navarro wrote in her review for Bloody Disgusting. “What begins as a bizarre, disjointed movie that favors style over coherent story quickly gives way to something far more unexpected and more extensive in scope. In other words, it’s a gorgeous, ethereal movie full of surprising twists that deftly shift genres.”

In this scene, Anna’s character is looking for Gregor and finds something else.

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