Spirit Halloween: 10 Essentials for Every Horror Home

As Halloween culture grows with each passing year, so too does the volume of seasonal decor. Spirit Halloween remains the cream of the crop of the Halloween industry, as demonstrated by its 2023 offerings.

As horror fans, Halloween decorations can serve as year-round furnishings. Here are 10 must-have items to add to your collection this year:

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Sidesteppers – $32.99 each

Spirit Halloween’s line of animated “Sidesteppers” includes a pair of the titular Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Slim and Spikey. At 11.5″ tall with movement and sound, these horrific harlequins are guaranteed to grab trick-or-treaters’s attention.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wreath – $39.99

This Texas Chain Saw Massacre wreath lights up and makes chainsaw noises, but what I really love about it is that it looks like something that you’d actually find in the Sawyer house. Measuring approximately 18″ across, it’s sure to ward of unwanted guests.

The Exorcist’s Regan Bobblehead – $39.99

Have you ever seen a bobblehead with an upside-down head to bobble? Celebrate 50 years of The Exorcist by possessing Spirit Halloween’s exclusive resin bobblehead statue depicting Regan’s infamous spider walk down the stairs. It stands 4.75″ tall.

Mars Attacks Snow Globe – $44.99

Ack ack! Let the Martians invade your world with Mars Attacks snow globe. In addition to glittering snowfall, the 7.75″ collectible makes out-of-this-world sounds.

Beeltlejuice’s Miss Argentina Door Knocker – $54.99

Let visitors know it’s showtime with this Beetlejuice door knocker. Measuring 13″, Miss Argentina features motion-activated lights to welcome unfortunate souls to the Neitherworld.

Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees Plush – $16.99

This October has a Friday the 13th, making Jason Voorhees the perfect companion for horror movie binges this Halloween season. The cuddly plush slasher is 8″ tall.

Ghost Face Bust – $44.99

This light-up statue is a real scream, baby! Ghostface has already carved a Jack-o’-lantern, and you could be next. The bust measures 9.5″ high, 11″ wide, and 3″ deep.

Hocus Pocus’ Emily Binx Tombstone – $49.99

This year marks Hocus Pocus’ 30th anniversary, which means it’s also the 330th anniversary of Emily Binx being taken from us most unnaturally. Pay your respects by displaying a 30″ plastic recreation of her tombstone in your yard.

IT’s Pennywise Light – $29.99

This is one light that makes the dark even scarier. Based on Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal in It: Chapter Two, Pennywise’s 8.7″ light-up visage can be displayed on the included stand or hung on a wall.

Gremlins Door Cover – $22.99

Gremlins may be a Christmas movie, but the tiny terrors can wreak havoc on Halloween too. Make your house a must-see trick-or-treating destination with a door cover featuring Stripe and the gang tormenting Gizmo. Made from polyester and spandex, it measures 80″ high and 37″ wide to fit most doors.

Find all this and more at your local Spirit Halloween store or online at SpiritHalloween.com.

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