Serafini Productions Launches New Demo for Surreal First-Person Horror Game ‘UNFOLLOW’

Serafini Productions introduced us to their upcoming surreal first-person horror gamehorror title UNFOLLOW back in September. The team has followed that up with launching a new demo for UNFOLLOW, which is available now on Steam for you to check out.

“This game is still in the development stage, and some things might still change,” explains Serafini in a press release. “You will see comments posted by users all throughout this demo. Although the users, their names, and their profile pics are real, their comments are purely fictional. These people have been supporting us all through the development of UNFOLLOW by simply following us on social media. Because of the nature and contents of this title, we have decided to include them in the game.”

The devs also dropped a bit of info on the soundtrack, particularly the title track, which was produced by UNFOLLOW producer and composer, Sebastiano Serafini, and singer-songwriter Shorelle. The soundtrack for UNFOLLOW will be available on all major digital stores today.

“We deeply care about the themes of this game and we are overwhelmed by the support you’ve been outpouring. UNFOLLOW keeps getting bigger and bigger, and that’s because of you. We would like to thank those who believed in the project since the beginning and all the players who’ve taken their time to play the first demo. If you want to support us, please add this game to your wishlist and spread the word to your friends.”

The story for UNFOLLOW centres on Anne, a victim of bullying who wakes up trapped in a nightmarish world. As a result, Anne is forced to explore her surroundings and come to terms with her past’s most painful choices. Anne is not alone in this world, however, as a monstrous creature wanders around and follows her every step.

UNFOLLOW is currently planned for release in 2024.

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