‘Secret Santa’ – ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director’s Holiday Horror Now on SCREAMBOX! [Trailer]

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit and with a trio of holiday horror films coming to SCREAMBOX, the very first to be unwrapped is Secret Santa, which hails from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday director Adam Marcus!

You didn’t have to wait long to dig into this wild and crazy horror film as it’s now streaming on SCREAMBOX and also available on VOD.

In the film…

“As friends and family gather near, to celebrate another holiday season, they have no idea a murderer lies in their midst. With drinks flowing, a distant and dysfunctional, affluent family is unaware that their yuletide libations are laced with a truth serum that will bring holy hell down on their holiday gathering. When secrets begin to spill, the tension starts to rise until it escalates into a murderous rampage that Krampus would be proud of. But through the bobbles and bloodshed, one among them is desperate to stop the mayhem before it’s too late.”

From director Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) comes the story of a holiday guest bearing anything but glad tidings. Co-written by Marcus and Debra Sullivan (Texas Chainsaw), Secret Santa is one of the most highly anticipated holiday horror films in years. Called “a nearly perfect holiday horror film,” by Horror Geek Life, the publication went on to say the film “blends laughter with blood, death and gore in a nearly perfect way, while managing to have a heart, and still feel like a holiday film.”

Secret Santa stars Michael Rady (“Timeless”), Debra Sullivan (“Big Love”) and comedian Drew Lynch. The film premiered at the Sitges Film Festival and was produced by Bryan S. Sexton with John Gilbert & Robert Kurtzman acting as executive producers.

Be sure to add this title to your Christmas list because it is the gift that keeps on giving. With chaos, blood and plenty of laughs, we can guarantee yule love it!

Unwrap the trailer below.

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