Season 2 Paid and Free DLC Arrives for ‘Chernobylite’ [Trailer]

Season 2 DLC has arrived for The Farm 51’s sci-fi horror RPG Chernobylite with “Red Trees”. In addition, the devs have provided a new update that includes its own free goodies for players venturing into the Exclusion Zone.

Chernobylite‘s Red Trees DLC is a cosmetics pack which contains additional skins for your playthroughs. Namely, the DLC adds the rusty red leaves of the very real Red Forest, but kicks it up a notch by adding a healthy red glow to the various electronic devices contained in your base.

The real meat of the Chernobylite Season 2 DLC comes in the free content, however. “Ghost of the Past” includes 6 new story missions where Igor’s fiancée Tatyana manifests herself in Igor’s dreams, and encourages him to visit various places in the Chernobyl Zone and learn the true history of Chernobyl. In addition to the missions, players can now craft “gamer’s hardware” in their base, allowing you and your companions to have “a little break” from traversing in the Zone.

That leads to another free new addition: VR Games. Granted, this is all in-game, and not an actual VR add-on to Chernobylite. There will be a new VR helmet in your Base that transfers you to the fractal world where you will face enemies (humans and monsters) in several arenas in a roguelike minigame.

The rest of the update contains the obligatory fixes and optimizations for Chernobylite, including optimizing the stuttering issue that some users have experienced. The Red Trees update is available for PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.


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