‘Se7en’-Inspired First-Person Horror Game ‘2×4 Nails’ Unveils Demo Ahead of Steam Next Fest [Trailer]

The next edition of Steam Next Fest is coming in hot, and Cult Software looks to capitalize on it with a new demo for their upcoming visceral first-person action game, 2×4 Nails. Despite its initial plain look, 2×4 Nails ramps it up quite quickly by taking a cue or two from Monolith’s Condemned: Criminal Origins, with a dose of Se7en for good measure.

You are FBI Field Photographer Thomas Greene in Hell City, USA. A new drug has been turning homeless addicts into violent maniacs. Making matters worse is a serial killer known to the press as “Der Kannibale”, who has been butchering and feasting on their victims while bizarrely leaving Bavarian clues at every crime scene. Local police are helpless and overwhelmed by the increasing brutality of psychotic vagrants, so it’s up to the FBI (and you) to bring Der Kannibale to justice.

Seeing as Greene is a photographer, you don’t carry a gun. As a result, you’ll need whatever weapon you can get your hands on to stay alive and get the job done. That includes grabbing two-by-fours, pipes, fire axes, bricks, beer bottles or whatever you can from the environment around you. In between fighting off the addicted and deranged, you must document every crime scene with your camera to solve the murders.

You can check out the demo right now on the 2×4 Nails Steam page. Steam Next Fest takes place from October 9th to the 16th.

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