‘Scream’ Filmmakers Radio Silence Join Forces With MRC to Produce Upcoming Horror Projects

The filmmaking group known as Radio Silence (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Chad Villella) returns with new vampire horror movie Abigail this April, and if the trailer is any indication, their post-Scream future is looking bright. On that note, Variety reports today that Radio Silence and Project X Entertainment have inked a pact with studio MRC.

Variety notes, “The partnership, announced Wednesday morning, aims to produce two to three features annually. An initial slate of projects is said to be announced soon.”

The focus is said to be on “horror and thriller features,” a genre that Radio Silence (V/H/S, Southbound, Ready or Not, Scream) has been excelling in ever since they burst onto the scene.

“The new pact further solidifies the relationship between Project X and Radio Silence,” Variety’s report also notes. Radio Silence worked with Project X on the Scream franchise.

“To be able to formalize our alliance with Project X and work with a studio in MRC that champions original and fresh films couldn’t be more exciting to us as storytellers,” said Radio Silence in a statement. “We look forward to championing original movies for a global horror and thriller audience and hope to create new franchises for genre enthusiasts for years to come.”

“Our partnership with Radio Silence, combined with MRC’s stellar track-record, innovative deal-making and creative and production support, will enable us to explore new horizons in this type of filmmaking and become a one-stop shop for creative talent in this space,” Project X Entertainment co-founders James Vanderbilt, William Sherak and Paul Neinstein said in a joint statement. “Not only have we been fortunate to work together on a number of films, but we have become a family who enjoys making movies together in a business which otherwise likes to throw you a challenge at every turn.”

“We are thrilled and honored to join forces with these two companies who share a love of fun and distinctive films,” said MRC’s Brye Adler and Jonathan Golfman. “It is rare to find partners so like-minded and entrepreneurial and we are excited to make a bunch of movies together!”

As for the Scream franchise, Radio Silence will not be returning to direct Scream 7. That movie is currently without a director in the wake of Christopher Landon departing the project.

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