‘Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers’ Book Now Available; Bite into an Exclusive Excerpt

Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers, a brand new book diving deep into Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, has been released today, and we’ve been provided with an exclusive excerpt.

From Encyclopocalypse Publications, Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers was written by Janine Pipe, and you can order your copy of the book over on Amazon right now.

Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers is a celebration of Neil Marshall’s soldiers versus werewolves movie. To coincide with the 20-year anniversary, it takes a deep dive behind the scenes at the cult classic. As well as a full retrospective, you will find interviews with the cast and crew, never seen before photographs, original shot list, excerpts from the script and more.

The book includes a foreword from genre icon Joe Dante (Gremlins) and afterword from legendary director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London).

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers, which reveals that Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) was almost cast in a pivotal role in the werewolf film!

Can you imagine Simon Pegg in the role of Spoon? Although I’m a huge fan of his, right back from Spaced which is also where Neil noticed his star potential, it pains me to think of anyone but Darren Morfitt in this role. Neil did actually meet with Simon, who was flattered and liked the script very much. There was just one small issue.

I’ll let someone else explain that teeny-weeny problem.

“Neil offered Simon a part and when I heard about that I forbade him from doing it as we were writing Shaun at the time and I didn’t want him to be in a UK horror movie just before ours.” – Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead).

It’s a dog-eat-dog world this movie malarkey. Of course, Neil supported fully Simon and Edgar and was impressed by his loyalty. There are actually many uncanny parallels to both bringing the film to fruition and in the features themselves. For a deeper dive into Shaun of the Dead, you should definitely read You’ve Got Red on You by Clark Collis.

After a successful audition, Darren Morfitt ended up being perfectly cast as Spoon. With previous boxing and on-scene military experience, and just the right sort of ‘bloody loving it’ attitude, Darren made his character completely gung-ho but in a way that you just warm to him rather than think he is a careless twat. He is an extremely well-loved character.

Grab your copy of the book over on Amazon now!

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