[Rumour Control] Arkane Working on Sequel to ‘Prey’, Will Debut Trailer at The Game Awards

It wouldn’t be The Game Awards season without some rumours going around, now would it? Granted, the source of this one is from 4chan, so temper your expectations accordingly.

According to the leak, Bethesda and Arkane will be returning to the world of 2017’s Prey. The story goes that the project originated from an internal game jam Arkane held in 2019, and was picked up once Microsoft acquired Bethesda. Microsoft apparently wants to beef up the Xbox Game Pass, and are using upcoming titles such as this game to do it.

The game, titled Neuroshock, is reportedly a shorter game that’s set primarily on Earth, taking place after the end credits of the original Prey. You’ll be playing as Project Cobalt, a typhon organism injected with Prey protagonist Morgan Yu’s cells. The game will have a “Deus Ex-like structure”, and feature more types of enemies than Prey, but also fewer neuromods. The neuromods that will be included in the game will be more “creative and experimental” than the ones in the previous game.

Lastly, the leak states that the game will only have a teaser trailer at The Game Awards, and is planned to be released “a year or so” after Arkane’s current title, the open world co-op vampire-slayer Redfall, which is expected Summer 2022.

Again, none of this has been confirmed by either Bethesda, Arkane or Microsoft, so take your salt with it. In the meantime, if you’re itching for more Prey, check out the recent episode devoted to the sci-fi horror shooter on The Safe Room Podcast.