Revisiting ’28 Days Later’ 20 Years Later: The Best Horror Film of the 21st Century? [Halloweenies Podcast]

“Lesson one… You never go anywhere alone, unless you’ve got no choice. And lesson two… only travel during daylight, unless you’ve got no choice.”

In June of 2003, Danny Boyle unleashed hell upon Americans with 28 Days Later. Written by then-novelist Alex Garland — in his feature screenwriting debut — the film captured the zeitgeist with its groundbreaking style, prescient casting, and subversion of the zombie genre … despite not being a zombie film. Technically. Or is it one? Rest assured, we’ll get into that.

Who’s we? Your Halloweenies. Hope you’ve brought a backpack — or, at the very least, a plastic bag — because the gang is hiking across England in search of salvation. Join co-hosts Michael Roffman, Mac Gerber, Justin Gerber, and special guest Meagan Navarro as they discuss how the film saved Boyle’s career and became one of the most influential films of its time.

Note: This episode was originally recorded in April 2021 for Patreon, and is being unlocked for the 20th anniversary of its US release.

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