‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake Goes Anime in New Commercial [Video]

Capcom is pulling out the weird and wonderful when it comes to hyping up the Resident Evil 4 remake later this week. They put together that commercial with puppets for Resident Evil Village, and now they’re  taking the anime route with Resident Evil 4.

The minute-long commercial is done in a lighthearted style, advertising Episode 1 as Leon (as a young boy) working to find Ashley (obviously). Despite the members of the village being less than helpful, Leon maintains a positive attitude. Even after he dies.

Thankfully, unlike the Village commercial, we do get subtitles for this one, which just adds to the charm (and hilarity).

Obviously, the anime ties back to the Resident Evil 4 remake at the end, which arrives March 24 (this Friday!) for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox Series. And don’t forget to check out our take on the game, which Reyna refers to as Survival Horror “perfected”.

And if you still can’t wait, you can always check out the free demo on your respective platform.

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