‘Poppy Playtime’ Comes to ‘Roblox’ With ‘Poppy Playtime Forever’ on February 29th [Trailer]

Jaws isn’t the only one getting in on Roblox this month. Mob Entertainment is teaming up with Jazwares Game Studio to bring Poppy Playtime to the Roblox platform with Poppy Playtime Forever. Launching February 29th, Poppy Playtime Forever will have teams of up to 10 players joining forces to overcome challenges, survive, and escape the confines of the Playtime Co. toy store, while unlocking new environments and creating user generated content along the way.

“We are excited to see the Poppy Playtime universe continually expand, and this collaboration with Jazwares represents a new chapter in delivering immersive gaming experiences to our players,” said Co-founders Zach Belanger, CEO and Seth Belanger, CCO of Mob Entertainment. “Roblox entertains 350 million users each month and we have gotten a lot of feedback from fans to develop an official game for the platform. Poppy Playtime Forever is set to revolutionize the Roblox gaming landscape, offering a blend of storytelling, the ability to collaborate with other players, and creativity that will captivate players worldwide.”

In addition to designing custom levels using the level editor and the ability to tell your own stories with user-generated content, Poppy Playtime Forever will also allow players to unlock and earn skins, characters, level packs, and more.

For you non-Roblox players, you can also check out the latest chapter for Poppy Playtime, which is out now on Steam.

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