Pixelated Bloody FPS ‘Nightmare Reaper’ Out of Early Access Today [Trailer]

Right on time, Blazing Bit Games throwback looter shooter Nightmare Reaper has exited Early Access on Steam with its third chapter. The game can be had for $21.49 USD, with a 15% discount until April 4th.

The full release of Nightmare Reaper now includes more weapons, new game modes, along with the conclusion to the game’s nightmare-filled storyline with the third chapter. Blazing Bit will now focus on adding additional content, including mods, multiplayer, and other game modes.

“We plan on doing many free post-release updates to the game to add features that we and the community dream of,” states Blazing Bit Founder and Lead Developer Bruno Beaudoin. “We’d love to add modding support, multiplayer, and other game modes so we’ll keep a discussion open with the community in order to direct the bright future of Nightmare Reaper.”

Inspired by the classic 2.5D first-person shooters of the 90s, Nightmare Reaper puts you in the depths of a nightmare of your own making. In order to find your way out, you’ll have to use an arsenal of over 80 weapons to blow away demons. Combining an FPS with looter shooter and rogue-lite elements breaches the wall between classic and modern gameplay.

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