‘OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story’ Launches March 27 on the PlayStation VR2 [Trailer]

A year after it was first announced, NoxNoctis’ OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story will arrive on March 27th for the PlayStation VR2 via the PlayStation Store. Ahead of the game’s release tomorrow, the devs have unveiled a new trailer that “[offers] a compelling glimpse into the horrific experience that awaits players.” A Steam release is also being planned.

From the minds behind DO NOT OPEN, OVRDARK puts you in the shoes of George Foster, a fearless investigator and companion of DO NOT OPEN‘s Mike Goreng, who ventures into Goreng’s mansion after the events of the first game. However, what he encounters is far more sinister than anticipated. As you delve into the dark depths of the mansion, you’ll encounter the presence of Mike Goreng, who has now become your ruthless enemy.

In certain areas, you’ll need to rely on stealth mechanics to avoid Goreng’s detection, where both in-game actions and real-life movements are significant. These mechanics consist of two distinct challenges: one involves traversing an area slowly without making sudden gestures, and the other requires you to hold still for a few seconds without moving your hands or head.

OVRDARK also features spatial sound, connecting you intimately to every sound. Your PSVR2 controller will vibrate during heightened critical moments, low life supplies, and specific sequences. You’ll also be navigating puzzles with the PSVR2’s haptic feedback, signaling both success and missteps. OVRDARK prioritizes a seamless adventure by minimizing loading screens, allowing players to delve into the core storyline diminishing disruptions, exploring the vast mansion without interruption.

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