‘Orang Ikan’ – World War II Fish-Man Creature Feature Inspired by ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’

Dean Fujioka (“Fullmetal Alchemist”) and Callum Woodhouse (“All Creatures Great and Small”) have been set to lead the cast of creature feature Orang Ikan, Variety reports.

The film is set during World War II. The creature? A human-fish hybrid!

Variety details, “Set in the Pacific, 1942, a Japanese ship transports prisoners of war to occupied territories as slave labor. After being torpedoed by allied submarines, a Japanese soldier and a British POW are stranded on a deserted island, but soon discover they are not alone.

“They are being hunted by a ferocious mythological creature, the Orang Ikan, a human-fish hybrid. Unable to communicate in each other’s language, the two mortal enemies must come together to survive the unknown.”

Mike Wiluan (“Buffalo Boys,” “Grisse”) wrote the script and will be directing.

Producer Eric Khoo tells Variety, “I grew up on a steady diet of horror movies which ranged from the supernatural to monster flicks. One of my childhood favorites was the classic 1954 monster movie, Creature from the Black Lagoon. During the pandemic I came across Hell in the Pacific, a 1968 war film about a Japanese soldier and an American serviceman marooned on an island trying to kill each other off. This was the lightbulb moment for me – what if an orang ikan had come ashore in that scenario? In order to survive, the two mortal enemies would have to team up to battle this terrifying beast! What an exciting premise!”

Orang Ikan is an origin story with a horror survival theme set in the context of a realistic tragedy during the Second World War in Asia. Using both studio settings and the wonderful wild landscapes of Indonesia- I am excited to capture both the tension, horror and beauty of this concept in various exotic locations,” said writer/director Mike Wiluan. “We have assembled a wonderful cast, talented artists and the best crew to undertake this incredible adventure.”

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