Open World Survival Game ‘Terminator: Survivors’ Set For Release on October 24 [Trailer]

After their success with RoboCop: Rogue City, Nacon has pulled back the curtain on their previously-announced survival game set in the Terminator universe. Called Terminator: Survivors, the game will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam on October 24, with full launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC at a later date.

Hearkening back to that tense moment in the original film where Sarah Connor is relentlessly pursued by the T-800, Terminator: Survivors casts you and your friends as a group of survivors in an open world set in the aftermath of Judgment Day. You are tasked with scouring the surrounding land for materials, information, other survivors and key resources in order to establish a base of operations for your fledgling group.

But obviously, Skynet is out for cleanup with its T-800s, with the goal to exterminate humanity. As Kyle Reese said, they will not stop until you are dead. Alone or within a group of up to four other players, you must see humanity’s rise from the ashes and unravel the truth behind what happened when the bombs dropped, Skynet and the Terminator threat.

If you’re familiar with the films, being armed to attack up close and at range is nice, but stealth and caution may be the more intelligent approach to dealing with the T-800s, since they don’t quite stay down for as long as you want.

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