New Trailer for ‘Alone in the Dark’ Introduces Players to the Inhabitants of Derceto Manor [Video]

With Pieces Interactive set to unleash the remake of Alone in the Dark next month, it was time to give the fans a taste of the madness. Said madness can be found in the new trailer for Alone in the Dark, which not only features actors Jodie Comer and David Harbour chatting about the game, but also introduces players to the colourful inhabitants of Derceto Manor.

“I think what I’m most drawn to is the different characters, because they are so fully fleshed out and so colourful and vibrant,” states Comer. “You really do feel like when Emily meets a new character the world is completely changed.”

Alone in the Dark remake Writer and Director Mikael Hedberg appears in the trailer, referring to Derceto Manor as one of the most parts of the game. “It’s at its very core a haunted mansion story. That’s why we needed to make sure we recreate Derceto again.”

Unlike in the original game, Derceto has human inhabitants, who depending on whether you play as Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby (Comer and Harbour, respectively), will react differently, and even experience different scenes.

“I love games where there are different endings,” says Harbour. “I love games where you can really choose your own adventure or affect the world, or the world affects you. That and the gameplay certainly are the power of games apart from movies.”

Alone in the Dark comes home to PC via Steam, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5 on March 20. The Digital Deluxe Edition for Alone in the Dark is available for pre-order now.

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