New Chapter “All Things Wicked” for ‘Dead By Daylight’ Coming March 12 [Trailer]

Behaviour Interactive’s cheekiness last week has led up to the announcement today of the newest chapter for Dead by Daylight in “All Things Wicked”. Taking players to a place with more questions than answers, the new chapter will arrive March 12, and introduces a new Killer in The Unknown, a new Survivor, and a new Map in the “ominously quiet” Greenville Square.

In keeping with last week’s video, The Unknown is very much a mystery. The press release for “All Things Wicked” has pulled the [REDACTED] move, blacking out a description for the new Killer while teasing it’s main ability: a deadly toxin that causes Survivors to hallucinate. The Unknown apparently is also able to create husks of itself, allowing it to potentiality swap places with these husks to move around the map.

As for the new Survivor, we have Sable Ward, a young woman living in Greenville. Harboring a deep disdain for her town, Sable dreams of the day she can escape. But after her best friend Mikaela Reid goes missing, she takes matters into her own hands and begins to investigate. While none of Sable’s abilities have been revealed as of yet, her playstyle “benefits players who face danger head-on in the dark depths of Map’s basements.”

As for the Greenville Square, the story for the new Map involves a string of mysterious disappearances that has plagued the town for decades—with no definitive answers or leads as to the cause. Players will be able to explore the town square as well as the local cinema’s concessions stand, arcade and theatre room.

Dead by Daylight, is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Windows Store.

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