“New Beginning Update” for ‘Ripout’ Introduces New Companion, New Enemies and More [Trailer]

3D Realms and Pet Project Games’ have dropped the “New Beginning Update” for their co-op sci-fi horror FPS Ripout. This latest Early Access update introduces Cynthia, a state-of-the-art Synthetic mind pal and sidekick character who will help lead players, as well as an agile new enemy called the Leaper. The update also coincides with a Free Weekend on Steam, which is on now until April 8th.

Available now, the New Beginning Update adds Cynthia as part of the fully-updated tutorial for Ripout, helping players familiarize themselves with their Pet Gun, the horrors of space, and all of the major gameplay features. That also includes the new fireball-blasting Leaper, which spawns in swarms and only moves by jumping. Luckily, you have a new sidearm to take care of them with the Missile Pistol, which sends rapid-fire explosive projectiles toward targets. The update also adds new destructible doors to Ripout, which will occasionally block your path toward progression or the vault rooms.

That’s in addition to the various tweaks and bug fixes added to Ripout, including improved gameplay mechanics, enemy AI and more. You can read up on the patch notes here.

In addition to the free-to-play weekend, Pet Project Games also has a 40% discount on Ripout, which is on now until April 19th. Ripout is expected to launch fully out of Early Access later this year. Check out Harrison’s Early Access impressions for more info.

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