National Geographic Celebrating 50 Years of ‘JAWS’ with New Documentary in 2025

Next year marks 50 years of Steven Spielberg’s industry-changing horror classic Jaws, and Deadline reports today that a 50th anniversary documentary is currently in the works.

From National Geographic, the documentary’s working title is Jaws @ 50, and what’s particularly exciting about the project is that Spielberg’s company Amblin is producing.

Deadline details, “Laurent Bouzereau will direct the documentary, which will include footage and photography from the Peter Benchley and Spielberg archives, as well as all-new interviews from the worlds of film, literature, pop culture and ocean conservation.”

“The behind-the-scenes stories of the book’s writing and the legendary tumultuous production of the film — including being over budget, over schedule, malfunctioning mechanical sharks, weather issues and sea sickness — will serve as the spine of the documentary,” the outlet previews. “It also will explore the world and impact of sharks today through testimonials from people who have dedicated their lives to studying and safeguarding sharks and our seas.”

The documentary is swimming our way Summer 2025, part of National Geographic’s annual “Sharkfest” event. Deadline notes that it will also be streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

“National Geographic has celebrated sharks for over two decades with our annual summer event Sharkfest, so we naturally jumped at the chance to partner with Amblin Documentaries and Nedland Media on Jaws @ 50,” said Janet Vissering, senior vice president, Production and Development, National Geographic. “Jaws not only became a massive pop culture phenomenon, but the initial fear it elicited propelled the world’s fascination with sharks, opening the door to our understanding of these apex predators and stressing the urgency in protecting our oceans.”

Jaws, the novel by Peter Benchley and the film by Steven Spielberg, defined both popular literature and cinema,” said Darryl Frank/Justin Falvey, Presidents of Amblin Documentaries and Amblin Television. “The idea of diving into the past, present and future legacy of Jaws, combined with an informed and inspiring discussion about sharks and the ocean in one documentary, is a unique opportunity to explore the perfect union between art and science.”

Amblin Documentaries and Nedland Media produce the upcoming Jaws @ 50.

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