‘My Bloody Valentine’ Star Paul Kelman Has Passed Away at 72

Very sad news here in the horror world this week, as we’ve learned that Paul Kelman, star of the original My Bloody Valentine, has passed away at 72 due to health complications.

Born on September 26, 1949 in London, England, Paul Kelman forever became a member of the horror family through playing Tom “T.J.” Hanniger in 1981’s Canadian slasher movie My Bloody Valentine, the main protagonist of the beloved classic directed by George Mihalka.

Paul Kelman also starred in director John Fasano’s 1988 horror movie Black Roses later in the decade, along with appearing in the TV shows “Police Surgeon,” “The Littlest Hobo,” “For the Record,” “Street Legal,” and “Class of ’96” throughout his career as an actor. He also had roles in other movies including Caged Men in 1971, his debut, and later Gas in 1981.

Fans are paying tribute to Paul Kelman over on the actor’s official Facebook page, where he regularly interacted with fans and often developed personal bonds with My Bloody Valentine fans. As Fright Rags owner Ben Scrivens recalls in a Facebook tribute of his own, Kelman always had time for his fans, and was always happy to embrace his place in slasher history.

All of us here on Bloody Disgusting send our love and deepest condolences to Paul Kelman’s family, friends, and fans. We’ll be drinking a Moosehead in his honor this Valentine’s Day.

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