Microsoft Teams With Hasbro to Bring ‘Halo’ Fans The Nerf Needler

With Microsoft gearing up for the return of Halo, they’ve also enlisted the help of Hasbro with a Nerf version of the famous Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, aka the Needler. Via Collider, the new Nerf LMTD Halo Needler will be arriving late 2022 for $99.99, and can be pre-ordered now until December 31st, with the gun expected to ship on November 1, 2022.

While we haven’t quite perfected the idea of explosive needles just yet, the Nerf version of the Needler will be able to fire 10 darts rapidly with a 10 dart drum. That drum can be filled with the 10 Nerf Elite Foam Darts that come with the weapon. The Needler also sports a display mode that will activate light-up features and details, which can be displayed on the stand that comes with the gun. You’ll need to invest in six AA 1.5V batteries, however.

As an added bonus, the Nerf Needler will also include a code to unlock Halo Infinite in-game content. Topping it all off is the premium packaging that uses aesthetic elements from the Halo series.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has unveiled Halo Infinite‘s campaign via a new trailer. Halo Infinite is expected to release on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.