Kinetic Games Releases New Roadmap for ‘Phasmophobia’, States Console Release Is Still Coming

Despite the delay from the original August 2023 console release for Phasmophobia, developer Kinetic Games is still working to bring the game to PlayStation and Xbox in the new year. That’s on top of the additional slated improvements, features and maps, which have been laid out in a new roadmap by the developer on Phasmophobia‘s Steam page.

The new roadmap has been split into two areas: version updates and those updates releasing “as soon as they’re ready”. The version updates omit any dates for their release, but instead lists off the improvements to the game. According to the developer, the long-awaited “Horror 2.0” update, which includes the overhaul of a great portion of Phasmophobia, will be the “last major milestone for the game” ahead of its Early Access exit. However, this doesn’t mean development for the game will conclude after the 1.0 release, as more equipment, ghosts and locations are planned after that.

Meanwhile, the devs are still hard at work on the console release for Phasmophobia, which is part of that “as soon as they’re ready” section of the roadmap. The team is taking the opportunity provided by the delay to further tweak the game itself, including “the new and improved” upcoming Shop experience, adjustments to the leveling and equipment tiers, as well as balancing tweaks.

“Additionally, when it is released, console players will receive a game that looks and runs better,” according to Kinetic. “We plan to implement a large amount of optimizations across the board, which will allow us to keep the game’s graphical quality as close to PC as possible.”

The update also addresses the Point Hope Lighthouse location, which again is still in the works. “We originally planned for the lighthouse to come out sooner, but since hiring our first Concept Artist ‘Zec’, we thought it was best to spend a little extra time making this unique location look extra special. Since then, CJ and Skinner have been hard at work to bring the newly created concepts to life.”

The next update for Phasmophobia is due out next week, when the Holiday Event is removed, and the new Lighting changes, new Eye Adaption and Screen Space Global Illumination settings are implemented.

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