Kickstarter Launched for Dark Fantasy RPG ‘Heart: The City Beneath’ Campaign ‘Dagger in the Heart’ [Trailer]

Rowan, Rook and Decard, the studio that brought tabletop RPG fans Eat the Reich, have announced a new campaign sourcebook for their dark fantasy RPG Heart: The City Beneath with Dagger in the Heart. Available now on Backerkit (which has already been fully funded), the campaign sees players caught in the wake of the Delving Machine: a device that “bores through rock, blood, bone, space, time and reality, towards the scintillating terror of a crimson eternity.”

For those not in the know, Heart: The City Beneath (which you can pick up here) is described as a game about “delving into a nightmare undercity that will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – or kill you in the process.” The story concerns The Heart, a tear in reality that lies under the city of Spire. No one knows what the Heart actually is. Is it an alien terraforming mechanism, a god, or a world-ending catastrophe waiting to happen? The only thing that anyone agrees upon is that it changes reality and will give whomever finds it anything they want.

As for the new campaign, Dagger in the Heart sees players encounter a trio of antagonists who each seek control of the Delving Machine to shape their vision of the future: the arms dealer Ptolemy Bay, the aelfir politician Aramos, and The One Who Waits In Ashes, a ragged figure who appears all too familiar to you. You’ll witness the dreadful impact of Zenith abilities – your Zenith abilities – on the places that they journey through. You’ll venture via uncanny passages to Summersisle, home of the humans, on the eve of their greatest tragedy.

As mentioned, the campaign is fully funding, despite having launched only a few days ago. There are still plenty of backer rewards available, which include both physical and digital versions of Dagger in the Heart, along with map packs, sourcebooks and more.

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