‘Jaws’ Takes a Bite Out of Roblox With Video Game ‘Jaws: Infested Waters’ [Trailer]

Admittedly, much like Minecraft, Roblox isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but that doesn’t mean that horror isn’t making its way into the game. Case in point: Orange Comet has announced a collaboration with Universal Products & Experiences to bring Steven Spielberg‘s 1975 classic Jaws to the Roblox platform with Jaws: Infested Waters.

Currently in soft launch, Jaws: Infested Waters is a group survival adventure that aims to “[capture] the essence of the breathtaking and terrifying action-thriller.”

The gameplay experience revolves around the tension between the eponymous great white shark and the Amity Island locals, with one player assuming the role of Jaws, while the rest of the players try to outlast and outsmart them. In a random selection process, as Jaws, the player’s objective is to track down the shark hunters and prevent them from achieving their goals.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players as the shark hunters must band together, strategically complete objectives, and ultimately fend off the predator.

According to the official page for Infested Waters, as Jaws, you’ll have customizable shark abilities and underwater battles with the hunters. There is also a “Sea Pass” that will be available to unlock exclusive items.

Jaws: Infested Waters will officially release in March.

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