‘Immortality’ Developer Announces Two New Projects

Fans of Half Mermaid and Sam Barlow’s point-and-click horror adventure game Immortality (which Aaron reviewed here) will be happy to know that the developers are working on two projects, which are referred to for the moment as Project C and Project D. That being said, Half Mermaid has launched Steam pages for the two respective games, but are playing it coy with blacking out a lot of the info.

Project C is referred to as being a new cinematic title, which according to the description will have something special “for the first time ever” in a video game. Looking at the tags (if they’re to be believed), the game will be a psychological horror cyberpunk title that utilizes full-motion video. Meanwhile, Project D is a Survival Horror title that takes place in 1983, and involves a nurse. The tags for Project D have it as a cinematic Metroidvania with a female protagonist.

Neither of the projects have release dates, nor much in the way of screenshots (unless you like screens of smoke and video distortion).

In the meantime, however, if you haven’t checked out Immortality, you can currently grab the game on Steam with a 25% discount until January 28th. Immortality has you trying to track down film star Marissa Marcel, who has mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind three films that have gone unreleased. It’s up to you to explore a treasure trove of newly unearthed footage from all three films to find out what happened.

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