Horror FPS ‘CULTIC’ Has You Blowing up Cultists in Pixelated Gory Glory [Trailer]

The world can always use more horror-themed shooters. Cue 3D Realms, who have unveiled the latest in throwback shooters with Jasozz Games’ CULTIC, which is available for wishlisting on Steam right now. And, seeing as Steam Next Fest is in full swing, you can also check out the game’s demo.

And in case you were wondering, CULTIC does share a lot in common with 3D Realms’ classic horror shooter, Blood. For starters, you’re dead. Well, not for long, as you end up rising from your grave for revenge against hatchet-wielding cultists, armed with an arsenal of mid-century firearms and explosives (including dynamite bundles and a sawed-off shotgun). It’s all set against fast-paced combat where you’ll be having to run, slide, and dodge your way to avoid dying all over again. Plus, if you’re sneaky, you might be able to get the cultists to turn on each other to do your dirty work for you.

And, as is the case for these modern-throwback shooters, you’ll have some glorious pixel-based graphics inspired by the genre’s heyday. It’s all coupled with modern elements like physics and lighting effects, just to add a bit of flavour.

No release date has been announced just yet. But as mentioned, the demo is available now for you to get your kicks in.

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