Get a Taste of ‘REVEIL’ From Three Tracks From Its Soundtrack

Ahead of Pixelsplit and publisher Daedalic Entertainment’s psychological horror game REVEIL being released tomorrow, the teams have given fans a taste of the game’s score with the release of three tracks from the game’s soundtrack. Written and performed by singer-songwriter Arina Tara, the songs are inspired by the game’s story and “capture the mind-bending atmosphere perfectly.”

Artist Arina Tara studied both songwriting and game-design to combine her two passions music and games. Her soundtrack also impacted the general sound design of REVEIL. For example, the melody of “We will go” was also used for some elements, such as the music box in the first chapter, and thus found its way from the song into the game. You can check out the three tracks on Spotify, iTunes and Deezer.

Fans can experience the full 14-track soundtrack by Arina Tara purchasing the Funhouse Edition of REVEIL for PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam. The Funhouse Edition also includes the game’s digital artbook, a black and white camera filter (for that vintage horror atmosphere), a selection of audio plays recorded with the game’s voice actors, and developer commentary.

In case you missed it, REVEIL centres on Walter Thompson as he seeks his missing wife and daughter. Set against the backdrop of an “authentically orchestrated environment” inspired by the circus of the 60s, Walter wakes up one morning unable to remember much of the previous night. His wife Martha and daughter Dorie are nowhere to be found. His search for answers leads him to the Nelson Bros Circus, where Walter was once employed as a stage builder. As you piece together what transpired, things get progressively more bizarre, as the lines between reality, memory, and imagination become increasingly blurred.



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