Former ‘Bloodborne Kart’ Now ‘Nightmare Kart’ May 31 to Steam, [Trailer]

After sadly having to strip out all of the Bloodborne content a few months back, Lilith Walther‘s rechristened Nightmare Kart is almost ready to go. In fact, you’ll be able to play it for free next month!

Nightmare Kart will be launching on Steam and on May 31, and will feature 20 “legally distinct” racers (up from the original 12), 16 maps, a full campaign mode with boss fights, a VS battle mode, and split-screen local multiplayer. The game will feature music by Evelyn “The Noble Demon” Lark (who also did the music for Walther’s Bloodborne PSX demake).

Originally, beating levels would reward the player with racer and kart unlocks, which would stand to reason is still the case. However, the Bloodborne ties in the blood echoes and insight have been excised. Hopefully that “something special at the end” planned if you collected enough insight is still in there.

As always, if you’d like to chip in, you can always contribute to Walther’s Patreon.

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