Five Easter Horror Movies to Stream This Week

Because we love theming everything around horror and Easter arrives this weekend, this week’s streaming picks belong to horror movies perfect for your holiday viewing.

These five titles center around Easter yet explore the holiday in vastly different ways, from discomforting folk horror to raucous horror comedies – and of course, creepy bunnies.

Here’s where to watch these five Easter horror movies on streaming.

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Critters 2 – Hoopla, Tubi

Critters 2

If there’s a quintessential Easter horror movie to watch this week, it’s Critters 2. Plucky hero Brad (Scott Grimes) returns to the small town of Grover’s Bend to visit Grandma just in time for the town’s Easter celebration. Too bad someone mixed up Crite eggs for regular Easter eggs. The pint-sized critters set their sights on the Easter bunny before letting loose their insatiable appetite on the town. Think of it as a delightfully entertaining Easter buffet. Co-written by David Twohy (WarlockPitch Black) and director Mick Garris (The StandMasters of Horror), Critters 2 makes clever use of the holiday. 

Dead Snow – Plex, Tubi

Dead Snow 2009

Before director Tommy Wirkola injected bloody violence into Christmas with Violent Night, he jammed infectious carnage into Easter with the splatstick horror comedy Dead Snow. Dead Snow sees friends set out on a ski weekend getaway at a cabin over Easter. They happen to book a spot with a dark past, however, and their partying plans soon get derailed when the dead Nazis buried on the land return to life to wreak zombie havoc. With Wirkola at the helm, expect a ton of violent action-horror fun that never takes itself seriously.

Holidays – AMC+, Shudder

Holidays "Easter" segment

This horror anthology dedicates each segment to a different holiday, giving each major celebration a dark horror slant. Few unsettle quite like the unforgettable “Easter” segment by director Nicholas McCarthy (At the Devil’s Door). This story centers around a girl trying to reconcile the holiday’s use of an Easter bunny with its biblical relevance, so much so that it conjures pure nightmare fuel. While there are several standout segments here, especially “Father’s Day,” you won’t close your eyes without picturing Holidays’ twisted depiction of the Easter bunny here.

Family Dinner – SCREAMBOX (April 7)

Family Dinner

Writer/Director Peter Hengl’s feature debut combines the discomfort and cringe of awkward family dynamics at the dinner table with Easter holiday horror. Fifteen-year-old Simi (Nina Katlein) arrives at her Aunt Claudia’s (Pia Hierzegger) house just before Easter, hoping to get her aunt’s help losing weight. Aunt Claudia’s (Pia Hierzegger) strict caloric restrictions become the least of Simi’s problems when Claudia’s family starts to behave strangely. Easter brings the slow simmer folk horror to a roaring boil. Fraught psychological dread explodes into violent horror, making you rethink those Easter dinner plans. Catch it exclusively on SCREAMBOX, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Resurrection (1999) – Crackle, freevee, Tubi, Vudu

1999's Resurrection Easter Horror on Streaming

What’s an Easter list without a resurrection? Director Russell Mulcahy (HighlanderRazorback) reteams with actor Christopher Lambert for an underseen horror-thriller gem. Lambert stars as one of two detectives assigned to a homicide case, only to get entangled in a serial killer’s plot to recreate the body of Christ from his victim’s body parts. It’s gritty, sometimes trashy, and gruesome, though prone to some silly overacting. Resurrection draws heavy inspiration from Se7en. If none of this sells you, look for a cameo by David Cronenberg as a priest.

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