Feardemic Previews Its Slate of Releases in New Showreel [Video]

Fresh from the Christmas break, Feardemic is set to unleash a bunch of titles this year. They’ve released a new show reel giving us a tease at seven of those titles, which are looking to make their way to consoles after seeing releases on PC.

First up is Remorse: The List, which is set to head to Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Taking place in the Hungarian town of Hidegpuszta, something strange is going on. Your only clue is a list that doesn’t make much sense, either. Exploring everywhere in Hidegpuszta will be the key to unveiling its secrets and getting out alive. The game’s in-depth story unfolds through video tapes and voice recordings you’ll discover throughout the town.

Papetura is a handcrafted puzzle adventure game made entirely out of paper, where you play as a paper creature named Pape, trapped in a flowery prison. One day Pape escapes and finds little Tura, a magical being that he’ll take care of. Together they will have to face dark and flaming monsters which will try to burn down their paper world. Released back in 2021 on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, Papetura will be coming to the Xbox and PlayStation.

Also headed to the Xbox and PlayStation is Buddy Simulator 1984. Previously released on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, Buddy Simulator 1984 uses the next generation of AI science to simulate the experience of hanging out with your best buddy. Your buddy learns, adapts to your personality, and, most importantly, plays games with you! Your best buddy learns from you, constantly adapting to your interests and personality.

Throwback FPS Nightmare Reaper is finally seeing a console release on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox later this year. Nightmare Reaper puts you in the depths of a nightmare of your own making. In order to find your way out, you’ll have to use an arsenal of powerful weapons to blow away demons, while also improving your abilities along the way.

Released back in 2021, NC Studio’s Project Nightmares is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. A survival horror game with a procedural structure, the game revolves around a group of scientists dedicated to studying the paranormal. They’ve developed a machine that can induce a patient with psychic abilities into a dream state, linking them to a malignant or cursed object, discovering the history behind them, and putting a stop to the evil they embody.

Harvester Games’ Burnhouse Lane was released on Steam at the end of last year, and will now be headed to the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Burnhouse Lane tells a story of Angie Weather, a one foot in the grave agency nurse attempting to complete five impossible tasks in order to win her life back. You’ll have to solve puzzles, make friends (and enemies), run, hide and fight in order to win.

Lastly, there’s No Son of Mine, which is headed to PlayStation, Xbox, the Switch and PC via Steam. The story focuses on your son, who has a dark side. He also happens to be hunting you. Featuring a focus on combat, stealth, exploration and puzzle solving, you’ll be uncovering a gruesome mystery while avoiding being caught by “him”. Avoid dark areas and hide immediately if the lights go out. Fight if you have to, or if you can.

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