‘Exposure’ – Chilling Found Footage Horror Short Mysteriously Appears on YouTube

“40% of UK homes now have cameras, largely from CCTV and smart devices. Many of these devices are susceptible to hacking, allowing intruders to watch residents in their own homes.”

That’s the opening text that begins 9-minute horror short Exposure, a chilling bit of found footage that “documents one such case, involving a mother and her 6 year old daughter.”

Playing out like a home invasion movie through the lens of a Paranormal Activity film, Exposure begins with a mysterious creep speaking to a child through the camera installed in her bedroom. He convinces her that he’s trapped inside the camera and needs help getting out, baiting her into letting him inside her home. Watch below to find out what happens from there.

The short was uploaded by a new YouTube channel with the same name as the short itself, and the description provides no context about where it came from. Bloody Disgusting has been able to learn that the mysterious Exposure is the work of writer/director Kris Cummins, who seemingly set out to make you terrified of the technology in your own home with this one.

And if you weren’t already a little spooked by the cameras in your home, well, Exposure makes a damn good case for maybe pulling some of those plugs. You never know who’s watching…

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