“Expedition Bigfoot” – Exclusive Season 3 Finale Clip Stumbles Upon a Large Nest [Video]

A year after devastating wildfires forced the team to evacuate the Olympic Peninsula, right as they unearthed curious new evidence, acclaimed primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc, and Russell Acord returned to Washington State for Season 3 of “Expedition Bigfoot”.

Airing Sundays on Travel Channel, in addition to streaming on discovery+, the latest season of the docuseries spans 16 one-hour episodes that also include the pre- and post-season specials that recap all the evidence collected. The epic season, however, comes to an end this Sunday, June 19th at 10 p.m. EST / 9 p.m. CST.

The finale is titled “Into Bigfoot’s Den,” and you can watch an exclusive below that sees the “Expedition Bigfoot” team stumble upon a large nest. Could it be the home of Bigfoot…?

Here’s the synopsis for the Season 3 finale…

“Using his spotting scope to observe a far off clearing, Russell has just seen the most compelling sight in his 40 years as a Bigfoot researcher: a massive dark figure standing up and walking away on two feet into the tree line!

“As Russell begins the mile-long trek towards where he saw the figure, Mireya, with the assistance of horse wrangler Autumn, continues to explore the river in the team’s newly-narrowed target zone. Mireya spots a promising print in the sandy bank, but after some examination, she determines it to be a bear that double-stepped.

“When Russell completes his journey, he discovers that the creature was heading directly towards the federally protected land, where the team cannot enter. He calls Ronny and Mireya on radio and sets up a rendezvous at basecamp to coordinate the hunt.

“The team is shocked by the footage, especially Mireya, who confirms that the creature is not a bear. All four team members – Bryce, Mireya, Russell, Ronny – immediately take off in pursuit. Tracking long into the night, the team comes upon several landmarks that remote viewing expert Chris Duncan saw in his session with Ronny several nights ago, including a bridge over a river, and a chain link fence, on which the team finds several promising hair samples.

“With the trail diverging in two directions, the team splits up, with Russell and Ronny following the river, and Mireya and Bryce searching the steep embankments. At the top of an isolated ridge, Bryce literally steps into a tangle of interwoven leaves that Mireya immediately recognizes as a nest. Not wanting to damage the site any further, the team sets up trail cameras to cover the area, with the plan to return in the morning.

“Bryce and Mireya take eDNA samples and look for hairs, while Russell and Ronny search the nearby area and discover a second nest. Invigorated by this stunning find, the team decides to observe from afar, hoping that whatever built the nest will return. Unfortunately, after several days of staking out the area, the team finds no evidence that the creature emerged from the safety of the inaccessible federal land.”

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