Escape an Abandoned Toy Factory While Avoiding Killer Toys in ‘Poppy Playtime’

While we’ve yet to get Chucky in a video game, with titles like
MOB Games’ recently-released Poppy Playtime, it’s pretty close. Available now on Steam, Poppy Playtime for the moment only has one chapter, with the future chapters and content being relegated to DLC.

This puzzle adventure game has you trying to survive and escape an abandoned toy factory, while also avoiding the wrath of the vengeful toys lurking in the dark. Luckily, you have your GrabPack, a wearable backpack that sports two hands with extendable arms. The GrabPack will be the key to solving puzzles, where you’ll have to pick up objects, push hard-to-reach buttons, manipulate electrical currents and more.

Obviously, you’ll need a Mr. X type of enemy that haunts you as you make your way through the game, right? Enter Huggy Wuggy: a towering furry blue monster with multiple rows of teeth, just for for you. Have fun.