Eli Roth Reveals That He’d Like to Direct More ‘Hostel’ and ‘Cabin Fever’ Movies

Eli Roth made his return to rated “R” horror with the slasher movie Thanksgiving last month, and we learned last week that Roth will return to direct Thanksgiving 2 in 2025.

This year’s holiday slasher is of course a feature length expansion of Roth’s popular faux trailer from Grindhouse (2007), and it seems it’s reignited his passion for his past work.

Speaking with CinePop for a new interview that ran this week (watch the video below), Eli Roth reveals that he’s hungry to return to the worlds of both Hostel and Cabin Fever!

Hostel there’s a lot more to do. I’d love to go back to Hostel at some point. And Cabin Fever as well,” Roth tells the outlet. “They’re a part of me. They’re like my children.”

“I feel like I’ve ignored them for too long,” Roth continues. “And I’d love to go back to them in some way. I have ideas. I would direct it. I don’t want it in anyone else’s hands.”

Released in 2005, Hostel was set in a world where the rich can pay to literally torture and murder captured victims, and Eli Roth returned to direct Hostel: Part II in 2007. The film did spawn second sequel Hostel: Part III in 2011, but Scott Spiegel took over as director.

As for Cabin Fever, it was the horror movie that introduced Roth to the world back in 2002. The infection movie also spawned two sequels – Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever in 2009 and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero in 2014 – as well as a bizarre remake in 2016. Of particular note, Ti West directed Cabin Fever 2, paving the way for films including last year’s X and Pearl.

In other words, it’s been 21 years since Eli Roth has directed a Cabin Fever movie and 16 years since he’s directed a Hostel movie, so a return to either franchise would be a big deal.

Stay tuned for more as we learn it.

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