EHPLabs Unveils ‘Ghostbusters’ Energy Drinks in ‘Slimer’ and ‘Proton Plasma’ Flavors

The energy drink game has absolutely exploded in recent years, with various companies competing for shelf space and eyeballs. As a result, those companies are getting more and more attention-grabbing with their artwork and flavors, with many of the drinks on the market today enlisting the help of established stars and pop culture properties to move product.

On that note, EHPLabs, a global sports nutrition brand and home of OxyShred, has announced the unveiling of its first-ever collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to debut a line of EHPLabs’ products inspired by the iconic and legendary Ghostbusters franchise!

This collaboration will bring three new flavors inspired by the Ghostbusters universe totaling nine product SKUs. Among these will be a tropical lime flavor named after well-known character Slimer and a tangerine flavor named Proton Plasma, aimed to capture the essence of the proton beams used to fight and capture ghosts.

Both Slimer and Proton Plasma flavors will exist across EHPlabs products including Oxyshred a thermogenic fat-burner; Oxyshred Ultra Energy RTD, a functional metabolic energy drink; OxyGreens, best-tasting super greens; and Beyond BCAA + EAA Aminos. Additionally, as a part of the collaboration, the brand’s Blessed Vegan Plant Protein will be offered in a Mini Stay-Pufts Marshmallow flavor inspired by the mini-stay puft ghosts from the film Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

“We are thrilled to be working with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to launch new product SKUs inspired by Ghostbusters,” said Izhar Basha, Founder and CEO of EHPLabs. “As we continue our mission to help people achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle, we are eager to integrate timely products that get customers even more excited to continue on their journey. This collaboration represents a significant achievement for EHPLabs to further solidify our presence in the U.S. market and really, this is only just the beginning. Consumers can look forward to finding their favorite new products in stores near them as we expand the Ghostbusters collaboration to other grocery and retail partners in 2024.”

As of Halloween, the initial product SKUs will launch in retail stores exclusively at The Vitamin Shoppe and will be available online on Amazon and EHPLabs’s e-commerce store.

In addition to the product SKUs, EHPLabs and Sony Pictures Consumer Products will launch merchandise items including two EHPLabs x Ghostbusters T-shirts, two Blender Bottle shaker bottles, and a hat. For more information, you can visit

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