Don Mancini Might Send Chucky to Outer Space… If You Want Him To

One thing that’s been made clear about the “Chucky” franchise is that the character can shine in any situation, with Don Mancini’s recent movies and television series thus far thrusting him into a psychiatric hospital, a Catholic school, and even the White House. While we wait for the return of “Chucky” Season 3 this year, we can’t help but wonder where he’s going next.

How about Chucky… in Space?!

Don Mancini has joked about sending the killer doll to outer space in the past, noting back in 2021 that Chucky is “such a versatile character.” Mancini also said at the time, “We’ve found that he operates successfully in all kinds of different tones and subgenres, whether it’s horror, or comedy, places in between. So I think as a character he’s versatile enough and appealing enough and interesting enough that he could probably go anywhere…even into outer space.”

Over two years after those comments, Screen Rant asked Mancini about “Chucky in Space” at the Saturn Awards last night. His response? If the fans want it… he’s got an idea for it!

“People keep asking that specific question. My response is, ‘Do you want him to go to space?’ Do you personally want him to go?’ I feel like if there’s enough of a demand for that, we’ll have to do that eventually. I don’t know how quickly. But I have an idea for that,” Mancini notes.

Fellow horror icons Jason Voorhees, Pinhead and the Leprechaun have all traveled into space, and it’s entirely possible that Chucky could be joining them in the future. Stay tuned.

Missing Chucky? “Chucky Season 3: Part 2” is slashing into USA and SYFY in the coming months, and we know that John Waters will play Good Guys creator Wendell Wilkins this year!

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