‘Dino Crisis’-Inspired ‘Fossilfuel 2’ Out Now on Steam, Xbox Series

It’s no secret that we have more games inspired by Dino Crisis than we have actual Dino Crisis games, which is probably a good thing, given Capcom’s decision (so far) to not revisit the classic Panic Horror series. The latest is DangerousBob Studio’s Fossilfuel 2, which arrived last week on Steam and the Xbox Series, which puts more of a focus on blowing away dinosaurs than running from them. Still, when the description on the game’s page tells you to turn up the volume and turn off the lights, you know you’re in for a good time.

Fossilfuel 2 put you in the boots of Jack Allen, who is investigating a now-flooded Alaskan Sierra Research Facility with his crew. But as luck would have it, his boat gets attacked by a Megalodon, the crew becomes shipwrecked on the shores of Sierra and they must now find a way to escape. which has been overrun by dinosaurs. As is expected, you’ll also have to find out the truth behind the Dino outbreak.

The research facility utilizes a dynamic sandbox layout that allows you to revisit areas, acquire weapon upgrades, and clear sections to create safe zones by draining water in the flooded areas. That being said, you’ll also be donning scuba gear to navigate the flooded hallways and rooms, which are home to various monsters of the deep, including giant sharks.

Luckily, you’ve got an array of weapons, and thanks to Unreal Engine 5, there’s plenty of gore to be found as you unload on dinosaurs. Fossilfuel 2 also features multiple endings and player choices that change the course of the game. And for fans of Half-Life 2‘s Garry’s Mod, Fossilfuel 2 features a sandbox mode can be unlocked for players to flex their creativity.

If you’re still unconvinced, there’s also a demo available on Steam.

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