‘Devils’ – Body-Swap Thriller in the Vein of ‘Face/Off’ and ‘Freaky Friday’ Now on SCREAMBOX! [Trailer]

It’s Face/Off meets Freaky Friday when a homicide detective swaps bodies with a serial killer in Devils, the critically acclaimed body-swap psychological thriller that’s now on VOD and streaming on SCREAMBOX.

The gripping psychological thriller, written and directed by Kim Jae-hoon, blurs revenge and morality where an unwavering detective takes on a serial killer.

The film’s suspense and psychological intensity are reminiscent of the classic thriller Face/Off infused with a horror twist and gory brutality.

“Devils follows the story of Jae-hwan, a determined homicide detective assigned to take down a ring of serial killers terrorizing the city. The case becomes deeply personal for him as one of the victims is his own brother-in-law. When the detective and the murderer finally collide, an unexpected turn of events leaves Jae-hwan waking up in the hospital – trapped in the body of the very killer he sought to apprehend. With the clock ticking, Jae-hwan must bring the murderer to justice while saving his family from imminent danger.”

The film stars Oh Dae-hwan and Jang Dong-yoon.

Nightmarish Conjurings says “channeling knife-twists of psychological terror reminiscent of Old Boy, Devils is a must-see for horror fans” and mentions “this intense body-swap movie will leave you guessing until the very end.”

But Why Tho? Says Devils is “smartly designed to drive a tension-filled spike through the narrative with large swings, violence, chaos, and manipulation,” while Dread Central says “a deranged body swap thriller with bite, Devils easily reminds audiences of why South Korea is home to some of the best hybrid horror cinema around.”

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