Demo Available for Dark Fantasy Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG ‘VOIN’

If you’re in the mood for a good ol’ gory dark fantasy hack ‘n’ slash, tinyBuild and developer Nikita Sozidar have just the thing for you with VOIN. It just so happens to have a demo available on Steam now for you to get your fix while the game is in development for a release later this year.

VOIN concerns the eponymous swordsman, an elemental servant created by a powerful mage, tasked with ridding the world of a mysterious plague consuming all life from the realm. That involves you and your two-handed Greatswords cleaning house, along with your elemental abilities to deal finishing blows.  You’ll be cleaving your way through waves of foes in skill and reaction-based combat, pulling off devastating combos while dodging in style.

You’ll have to use strategic in order to adapt to enemies’ power tiers. Complete missions to unlock Boss Arenas and face bone-chilling monstrosities. Along the way, you’ll also collect valuable and powerful loot that you can cleanse in the molten deeps of the Hub area to inflict even more damage to your enemies.

The demo for VOIN has you mastering all major aspects of the game by exploring a special dungeon. Players will learn to wield their sword and their abilities, and move around utilizing Voin’s lightning powers. Along with the special dungeon, the new demo (the first only being available during the closed playtest) also includes game-changing weather effects, overhauled healing mechanics and more.

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