Delve Into the Psychological Horrors of Alcoholism in ‘BLOOD CROSSROAD’ [Trailer]

After announcing FOLLOW a few weeks ago, Serafini Productions has announced another project, this time working with Japanese developer TerrorForgeStudios to announce the first-person psychological horror title BLOOD CROSSROAD. As with Serafini’s previously-announced titles, BLOOD CROSSROAD mixes mental health and horror, weaving a dark and twisted narrative that “blurs the lines between man and beast, guilt and shame, addiction and salvation.”

The story concerns a man named William, a man who must deal with his alcoholism and his deepest shame. All the while, he is chased by a mysterious presence from Japanese folklore. Set in a gritty urban landscape full of supernatural elements, the game focuses on William’s struggle for control. Players must confront William’s inner demons while navigating through a labyrinth of dark alleys and haunted memories and uncover William’s connection to this ancient Japanese legend.

Armed with only your wits and a flickering flashlight, you’ll navigate William through a treacherous environment while avoiding the malevolent forces determined to claim your soul. Throughout BLOOD CROSSROAD, players are confronted with the devastating effects of alcoholism on William’s relationships, career, and mental well-being. To break free from the cycle of addiction, William must confront his inner demons and make difficult choices that will determine his fate.

BLOOD CROSSROAD can currently be added to your wishlist on Steam.

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