Dead Sled Coffee Inks Deal With Warner Bros. for Multiple Horror Franchises

Our friends over at Dead Sled Coffee, makers of Bloody Disgusting’s official 20th anniversary Bloodbath Blend, have just signed a major deal with Warner Bros., providing them with 2-year licensing rights to a handful of major horror franchises. The deal will allow Dead Sled to make officially licensed coffees based on some of the top franchises out there.

The 2-year deal includes full licensing rights to:

  • IT Chapter 1 & 2
  • Beetlejuice
  • The entire Nightmare On Elm Street franchise
  • The entire Friday the 13th franchise
  • Freddy vs. Jason

Dead Sled tells Bloody Disgusting, “This deal has been nearly two years in the making as talks started around the time we released our Robert Englund Stay Awake blend. Funny story, the talks actually came to be after Warner Bros. informed us that we needed to change the artwork on the Robert Englund bag to avoid any sort of copyright issues, which we obviously did. I took that as an opportunity to start the talks of getting the official Nightmare on Elm Street license, which led to the deal we recently finalized.

“What’s a bit different about our deal, specifically for anything including Nightmare on Elm Street is that due to having Robert Englund under our banner, we’re able to use the likeness of Freddy Krueger for our bag artwork. When other companies work with the franchise they are usually unable to use Freddy’s true likeness.”

They add, “We plan on launching multiple bags with all properties including limited edition horror box sets and more. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have planned.”

Stay tuned. Something is coming next week…

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