Dark Narrative Survival Game ‘Serum’ Out Now in Early Access on Steam [Trailer]

Game Island and Toplitz Production’s immersive story-driven survival adventure game Serum has finally made it into Early Access on Steam, with a 20% launch discount until June 6. The developer also detailed the game’s Early Access roadmap, with the biggest goal being to implement co-op gameplay.

Serum marks our strategic entry into the survival gaming landscape, offering players an immersive journey where time is a relentless adversary. The intricate blend of a mysterious storyline and the urgency of survival brings a unique flavor to the gaming experience,” said Matthias Wuensche, CEO of Toplitz Productions.

Along with implementing the planned co-op mode, Game Island plans on expanding upon the features and resources available to players while Serum is in Early Access for the next twelve months. This includes quality-of-life improvements, bug fixing and addressing community feedback, as well as adding new combat options and a new biome.

In addition, an Ultimate Edition for Serum is also available to buy on Steam, which includes a Serum story codex, a digital cocktail book and official guide.

Serum centres around Adam, who is described as a survivor and a patient of the E.V.A.S. Corporation. Adam finds himself stranded on the island of Matamis, where a catastrophic mutagen incident has occurred. Now, isolated and seeking answers, Adam must navigate his way through the aftermath of the disaster, with the actions of the E.V.A.S. Corporation looming large in the background.

Players will need to explore the shattered world, hunting and setting traps for mutated creatures in order to harvest sources of Serum to create essential recipes, each granting distinct skills and abilities crucial for overcoming the diverse array of mutated enemies and hazards that lurk in the deadly environment. Against a ticking clock, they’ll need to procure that life-giving dose of serum and search for various clues in solving the human catastrophe, and information regarding the infection known as the Blight.

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