Dark Fantasy VR Title ‘EVERSLAUGHT Invasion’ Announced for Meta Quest 2 [Trailer]

Ahead of Gamescom kicking off tomorrow, Fast Travel Games (the same folks behind Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife) and developer MobX Games have unveiled their dark fantasy co-op VR title EVERSLAUGHT Invasion, which is currently being developer for the Meta Quest 2. Scheduled to arrive in early 2023, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion is set in the same universe as MobX’s 2021 VR title EVERSLAUGHT, which is still in Early Access on Steam.

Designed for 1-2 players, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion puts you in the boots of a hero of the secretive Cleric order on a mission to defeat the evil and ever-expanding faction of the Corrupted. Players will choose from one of three classes to play as – Warrior, Rogue or Vanguard – each with their own unique playstyle and tools.

Details on EVERSLAUGHT Invasion are a scant for the moment, but one of main draws for the game is the hookshot, which offers enhanced mobility while as you figuratively fly around to bash monsters. You’ll need to do so in order to face off against the waves of monsters you’ll be facing, as well as seek higher ground when things get heavy. You’ll also be gathering loot and unlocking new skills & weaponry through the game’s progression system. Did we mention that you’ll also be getting an airship from where you’ll be doing these upgrades in between missions?

No word on if EVERSLAUGHT Invasion is a Meta Quest 2 exclusive, or if PC or console users will be seeing it in the future.

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