Dark Fantasy Roguelike Shooter ‘Necromantic’ Launching in Early Access on May 22nd [Trailer]

For those of you who think you’ve gotten your fill of Vampire Survivors, developer Blinkmoon Games has a little something for you later this month with Necromantic. The gothic bullet heaven (or hell?) roguelite will launch into Early Access on PC via Steam on May 22nd.

Necromantic places you as a first-year Valorborn Academy student. Kathedril, the territory that Valorborn Academy sits above, is home to a never-ending graveyard of fun. By “fun”, that means endless hordes of the undead and other monstrosities. Alongside your studies during the day, you must mow down hordes of monsters at night.

You’ll got a rich assortment of over 40 different weapons and abilities at your disposal as you carve your way through waves of monsters across a variety of maps. After you’ve made dust of your foes, you’ll work to gain infamy by studying, going to class, and completing assignments to upgrade and master your skills.

Of course, you could always choose to skip out on your monster-slaying duties and stay out at night to impress the cool kids. But do so at your own risk.

The Early Access period for Necromantic will last approximately five months, where Blinkmoon aims to “constantly [be] evaluating the appetite for our game, and the features we can add for our community.”

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